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The Artidote Snapchat Project

Saving Lives in just a Snap

Art is the best medicine. The official logo of The Artidote, an online community dedicated to help people heal through art. (Photo from The Artidote’s Facebook account)

It was the night when one man turned Snapchat in a whole new level.

For some, Snapchat is just another messaging app that allows them to update on their lives for the world to see. It is also a fun app that lets them send pictures and videos that includes various kinds of filters and effects. From the term “snap,” every picture or video sent by people will self-destruct in just 1-10 seconds.

Since 2012, Snapchat has taken the world by storm, garnering millions and millions of snaps from people around the globe. But on one fateful night in 2016, a different kind of snap has been sent that created some noise in the Snapchat world.

It was when a member of the official The Artidote snapchat account sent a snapchat containing a suicide note.

You are not alone. Jovanny Ferreyra, the curator and founder of The Artidote, has only one message he wants to share to the world: “We’re in this together.” (Photo and quote from peoplefoliomag.com)

The Artidote is an online community which features different kinds of artworks and quotations on topics such as life, love, heartbreaks, friendship, and more. Established by Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra, their page already gained so much love from thousands of their followers on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

In their snapchat account, anyone can submit a snap, and only few lucky snaps would be featured in their Snapstory. A pregnant girl from New Delhi happen to share her story, which contains a message that says, “I’m only 20, and the boy who knocked me up isn’t even my boyfriend I’m so scared I think I’ll OD tonight so I don’t bring shame to my family. Delhi|India.”

As soon as they featured her snap, it sparked a lot of concern, love and support from people.

Unexpectedly, the genuine comments of encouragement that everyone left ever since she sent her snap have come to a great outcome. Jovanny posted in their account that through the heartfelt messages received, she finally had the courage to talk to her parents about her issue.

“God Bless this community, gave me so much strength and hope. I’ll tell my mom tomorrow. Pls pray that she understands. Lots of love. – The Pregnant Girl from Delhi| 10:30PM,” it says in her snap.

After talking to her mom, she updated everyone that her mom took her to see the gynecologist that day to start the treatments. Once again, through a snap, she sent love and gratitude to everyone who gave her strength and saved her that night.

Words are more than Enough. These snaps are the proof that anyone can save a person’s life and that no one is really alone in their journey. (Photos from The Artidote’s Facebook account)

Meanwhile for Jovanny, he was deeply moved by how people managed to save someone’s life and for making their online community as a platform for healing and bonding with different people from all over the world.

“You saved her life. & my dream of making The Artidote a space where to bond, heal & save each other through our stories is becoming a reality. My deepest love, Jova,” he said in his snap.

Snapchat may just be one of the messaging apps everyone would often use, but for these people it is way more than that. Truly, a miracle sent from heaven in just a snap.


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