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Worlds Collide: Recommended Books and Music for Uplifting One’s Soul

Music calms the soul, books nurture the mind.

If you are feeling really down lately, we’ve come up with personal recommendations when it comes to a playlist where we feel like we are so much bigger than the world and books that makes us hope for a better tomorrow.



It’s Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

(Photo from http://mylifes-library.blogspot.com)

Vizzini’s best selling novel shares the story of a boy who wanted to jump off a bridge but then in the middle of doing it, he stops and run to seek professional help. He was diagnosed with clinical depression and the doctor made him stay on the psychiatric floor of the hospital for a week. During his stay at the hospital, he made amends with friends from school and made new friends at the ward while discovering more about himself. He realized that after his stay, he is stronger than he think.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

(Photo from http://oibstcharles.blogspot.com)

Charlie, the lead on the book, was struggling to find his place at school. This is when he met Sam and Patrick, who both made him feel more alive than before. Who would forget that iconic line from the book, “And I swear, right at this moment, we are infite”? This line has touched so many hearts because of the way it made people feel that there are moments in life where you would feel more alive than most of your past memories and experiences combined. The book reminds us that whatever we are going through right now, everything will soon be fine. There are so many wonderful memories you can create and those memories are even more powerful than the painful ones you’ve had.

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened  by Allie Brosh

(Photo from geek-retreat.com)

It all started on the Internet where Brosh shares her comics based on her daily life and personal experiences. However, she stopped posting online in the year 2011 because she was diagnosed with depression but in 2012, she posted about what she’s been going through and the blog post reached millions of views. She was overwhelmed from the response from both her readers and psychology experts which drove her to publish a book version of some of her best works in her blog and added other unseen content on it. Her readers were quick to agree that even though the book was lighthearted, it somehow helped them in recovering from their illness.


This Isn’t The End By Owl City

(Photo from Wikipedia)

Spin this when you feel like giving up. You should not forget that you made it this far, breathe and then heal at your own pace.

                How close is the ending, well, nobody knows

                The future’s a mystery and anything goes

                Love is confusing and life is hard

                You fight to survive ‘cause you made it this far

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

(Photo from Wikipedia)

Make sure to have this one in your playlist just in case everything is just too much to bear and it will help you remember that you are strong and at this moment you are a fighter, a survivor.

                What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

                Stand a little taller

                Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone

Firework by Katy Perry

(Photo from Wikipedia)

Immerse yourself in listening to this whenever you feel like you don’t matter, it will remind you that you do, always.

                Do you know that there’s still a chance for you

                Cause there’s a spark in you

                You just gotta ignite the light

                And let it shine”


In a world filled with judgement bounded by stigma, lies a different world waiting to be opened and discovered, a world where literature and music collides. A safe haven for everyone, including you.


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