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How to Cope With Depression and Anxiety

Often times, a person dealing with depression also suffers from social anxiety, and if you are having trouble coping up with two of these mental health problems, we’ve round up five things which are proven to help people with anxiety and depression on most of their panic attacks and rage of emotions from the biggest health websites namely: Project NHS, webmd.com and  and helpguide.org.

People who suffer from the said mental illness can’t just ‘snap out of it,’ because the healing process takes time—­a lifetime even. It is a constant battle between choosing to get out of bed and live life or build walls of terrible thoughts around you which will not even permit you to breathe. The thing is, there are baby steps to take so someone with depression and anxiety could get through the day and hopefully, with life.


It is not easy to socialize but surrounding yourself with people who knows that you suffer from depression and/or anxiety would help. It pays to surround yourself with people who are informed enough with your illness and still support and love you anyway. Stay connected with them as much as possible because being supported and loved is sometimes all we ever need to get through the day.

Of laughter and acceptance. Spending time with the people who truly understand what you are going through and encourages you to have a good time is a vital part on nurturing good thoughts about life and yourself. photo from The Odyssey Online

Hearing them talk, laugh and share stories with you or about you will make you realize that these people are there with you, flaws and all. Human interaction is a need­­­­—for no man is an island and it is good to be proven wrong in  thinking that you have no one at all when in truth, there are people willing to spent time with you, with or without your illness.

It may seem hard but eating healthy and exercising daily could actually help boost one’s mental health condition. Foods that contain omega-3 fats helps boost your mood while caffeine and alcohol cause underlying effects to your brain. You may hate leaving your bed in order to get some fresh air however, walking somewhere you feel comfortable around would help your mood a lot. It does not have to be a long walk, a 30-minute stroll would be good for starters but if you feel like the exercise helps in clearing your mind, then put your favorite playlist on, your comfortable foot gear and your brave face on. Run like you are so much bigger than the world and its mess.

To run is to breathe. Running releases endorphins and it also helps you to get your mind off things. photo from softpedia.com

Music helps boost endorphins so if you are feeling really down and anxious for the day, spin a playlist that will help you calm down. Know what kind of music triggers sad memories or thoughts and know what kind of songs you can really connect to or make your heartbeat goes back to normal when you listen to it. There are also playlists available online which was proven by scientists to help calm socially anxious people. If you are in a place where you can’t get hold of a music playlist, try breathing techniques or counting until the panic slows down.

A time for doing things that makes you happy should always be on top of the list. Appreciate what makes you happy then do it again. It may be the little things like, picking flowers or going to the library or it may be extravagant like, travelling abroad or donating on a cause you’ve been wanting to volunteer to.

The thing is, if you feel like what you are going to do will genuinely make you feel better about yourself, do it and don’t let others tell you it’s not worth it. Self care and self expression is very important on nurturing one’s mind so put your energy on things that would help you feel good.

Lastly, if all of the metioned steps can’t help you today, seek help from a professional. Going to a psychiatrist or a counselor is something you should not be ashamed of because what you are dealing with is an actual illness. If you are afraid on going alone, seek assistance from your loved ones or friends.

Experts would talk to you about what you have been feeling and suggest steps that would help you, depending on your case. Meanwhile, some would recommend medications. However, it’s hard to find the perfect medication since most of them will trigger side effects but it’s part of the process. Even if it’s difficult, you will find a good medication, too.

Remember that there are still people who believes that you can do it and in return, you also must learn and promise yourself that little by little, you will believe in yourself, too. Your illness does not define you because you are so much more than that. You deserve to be happy and in case you feel that today, you are unimportant and alone, we are here to remind you that you are not. You matter and we are all here rooting for you and your story.


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