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Break the stigma, help save lives


Kind words written by the visitors during the official launch of Project Greenlight last February 28, 2017. (Photo by: Jean Pagtalunan)

Your hurtful words towards people suffering from mental health issues may cause irreparable damage. Enlighten yourself about what they are really going through and try to offer a helping hand.

Read this article from to know more about the negative effects of the society’s misperceptions to people suffering from mental health problems: Your attitude to mental illness can hurt people

Go break the stigma, go turn on the greenlight!

2 thoughts on “Break the stigma, help save lives”

  1. Hi! This is a great project for people like me. 🙂 Sana magkaroon ng section kung saan makakapag share yung mga students or yung mga tao para maivoice out nila especially those people na nagiging victim ng bully (emotionally). Pero kung mayroon na di ko lang siguro nakita 🙂 Thank youuuu! More power to you guys!

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